60CT1 * 60CT2 * METZ Hammerhead flashguns METZ * 60 CT-2 * 60 CT-4
 60CT4 * 60CT-1 * 60CT-2 * 60CT-4 * 60 CT 1 * 60 CT 2 * 60 CT 4 * 60 CT-1
New and used flash kits and original accessories
 ! New Dryfit 6038 + NiCd 6039 battery !

As in the past so in the future the 60CT flashes will be the No.1 in hammerhead-flash-power.

No risk to conect the 60CT-4 directly to any digital camera on the market
(trigger voltage is only 5 volts)


Even after the end of production of Sonnenschein Dryfit Batteries (A605/4,2K = the real original 6038 !)
power supply of 60CT is ensured for the next decades.
Besides various "alternative" possibillities of feeding the generator with fresh cells,
there will still be 3 "original" types of batteries (and the N20 and N23 Studio AC power packs):

1. The black China-copy of the grey Metz 6038
2. The real original: Sonnenschein A 605/4,2K
(my first one still had more than 80% capacity, when I sold my first 60CT-1 kit after 16 years of use and no special care!!)
For my own kits and those which are for sale, I bought 40 fabric-new dryfits last year.
Additionally 20 black NiCd battery boxes 6039 are there for reserve.
3. The black Metz NiCd-box 6039, which can be refilled with cells again and again.

Each  item is part of my private collection and my legal property.
As these are private offers, I exclude the 2-years-liability of  the new EU-law,
but of course I accept liability for the condition of the items as described below
and offer a 6(12)-month-guarantee on full functionality.

updated 26. april 2017

Index A++ / A+ only means surface condition of the black shell.
Flash screen is clear without any scratches. All functions are perfectly working.
The "heart" of the 60CT-kit is the huge capacitor in the generator housing.
While many ebay sellers not even are aware of the existence of this special component,
not to mention that they always "forget" to  refresh/maintain the power/endurance (capacity) of this heart in regular intervals,
my generators always have been (and will be) connected to power for 20 minutes in the recommended intervals of 3 months.
Only this way you will get (even after years of use) the full amount of flashes per charge together with the well-known short flash sequence.

Each kit contains
1.) Hammerhead flashgun
2.) Power generator (with battery compartment)
3.) Camera bracket
4.) Battery charger (with 110/220 voltage selector)
5.) Power pack connecting cable (straight 180cm)
6.) Sync Cord (straight for X-contact or coiled with shoe for various SCA adapters)
7.) Carrying strap (for generator)
8.) Brand-new (60CT-4) / used (60CT-1/2) dryfit battery (with guarantee)

60CT-1/2 kits A++ incl. used dryfit battery (battery 12 months guarantee)
60CT-1/2 kits A+ incl. used dryfit battery (battery 6 months guarantee)
All 60CT-4 kits incl. brand-new dryfit battery (battery 12 months guarantee)
( prices in Euro)
60 CT-1 Set A+++ / NEW in Box /complete original accessory kit / 12 month guarantee 220 (170=no battery) Picture

60 CT-1 Set A+ / nearly as NEW / complete original accessory kit/ 6 month guarantee 170 (120=no battery)

60 CT-2 Set A++ / as NEW / complete original accessory kit / 12 month guarantee 190 (140=no battery) Picture

60 CT-2 Set A+ / nearly as NEW / compl. orig. acc. kit / 6 month guarantee 170 (120=no battery)

60 CT-4 Set A+++ / NEW in box/complete original accessory kit / 12 month guarantee 330  picture
Short plain syncro cord with X-plug and coiled cord with SCA-shoe for adaptor fitting the customer's camera

60 CT-4 Set A+ / nearly as NEW /compl. orig. acc. kit / 6 month guarantee 250 picture
Short plain syncro cord with X-plug or coiled cord with SCA-shoe for adaptor fitting the customer's camera


Metz 60-39 Ni-Cd - Battery for all types of 60CT new / PANASONIC-cells 1500mAh picture

Metzblitz 202 (Guide number 54)Kit in Orig. Box A/cld. + ch./New Batt./3 M. Guar. 90 picture

Mecablitz 36 CT 3 A-/cleaned+checked/+Manual/3 Month Guarantee 60

Adaptor SCA 300/500/3000 various types (ask for details)

Metz B-27 A+ New External charge box takes Dryfit Battery for CT60  50 picture

Metz B-27 A-  slightly used  cleaned + checked           40

Operating manuals 202/402, 60CT-1/2, 60CT-4

For more accessories have a look at my METZ-site www.kameradoktor.de/metz

Viktor Hälke
Nelkenweg 2, 44869 Bochum
Phone 0049-2327 - 77633

eMail: Kameradoktor@t-online.de

Objektive smcPENTAXM42 Takumar K M A gebraucht

Offer * Used * FUJI GX 680 I / II / III * gebraucht * Angebote

Battery Charger * AC/DC-Adaptor  Fuji GX 680 I / II  Battery pack * Battery holder

GX (M) Fujinon * Fuji GX 680 I / II / III * Zubehoer


Netzteil  *  Akkubox  *  Fuji GX 680 I / II  *  AkkuPack  *  Ladegerät

6x7 PENTAX * Info * Bild+Text aus Original-Prospekten * PENTAX 67

FOTO - gebraucht - LISTE

Canon Nikon Minolta Olympus Leica Yashica Contax Fuji AX Porst CR Sigma Vivitar Tokina Cosina Mamiya Rollei Exakta
Gebraucht - OBJEKTIVE - analog

67 Mittelformat PENTAX gebraucht 6x7

PENTAX - compact - LISTE

67 OBJEKTIV - compact - LISTE 6x7

67 GEHÄUSE - compact - LISTE 6x7

2. hand used PENTAX 67 / 6x7 medium format

 Gebrauchte K-Bajonett-Kameras PENTAX SMC-Objektive gebraucht

 !!! Einstellscheiben !!! MX !!! Mattscheibe !!! LX !!! Sucherscheiben !!!

  Original Nikon Ersatzteile für Nikkor-Objektive

 Brandnew Original Nikon Spare Parts for Nikkor Lenses

 Glaspilz Linsenpilz Staub Öl !!! Reparatur  OBJEKTIV  Reinigung !!! Linsen Blenden-Lamellen

  Pentax SMC Objektiv MX Kamera LX Reparatur K2 Reinigung ME Spotmatic M42 Takumar

55mm 1,2    Das Märchen vom  T O M I O K A   1,2/55 mm

Camera Light Seals + Mirror damper / Light Seal Kit

 Guarnizioni alla Luce + Ammortizzatore di Specchio  *  Tiras de Gomma contra la Luz + Amortiguador

Bandes / Joints d'étanchéité + Amortisseur du Miroir

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Bonsai-Portraits und asiatische Landschaften.
Kuenstler-Illustrationen vom Schalen-Bonsai und Bilder von Wasserlandschaften.

Wasser-Landschaften mit fantastischen Bäumen in Aquarell, Pastell + Farbstift

 Abstrakte Malerei  Schwarz-Weiß-Grafik  Aquarell - Pastell - Farbstift - Malerei - Zeichnung

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