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Professional Neoprene - Light - Seals (cut to measure) 
Professional camera light seal kits * Bandes / Joints d'étanchéité + Amortisseur du miroir * Guarnizioni alla luce + Ammortizzatore di specchio

2015  I reduced the "program" of my well-known light seal kits which I offered ONLY on EBAY USA, UK, Germany.
Since June 2020 the kits shown below can only be ordered directly from me by private EU-customers paying by 
IBAN/BIC transfer (prices incl. postage).

16€                                                                                                                        20€                                                                                                        16€

16€                                                                                                                 16€                                                                                                                       16€

18€                                                                                                                             25€                                                                                                                     

20€                                                                                                            10€                                                                                                                 16€

I am not a DEALER and do not offer industrial pre-produced goods, which can be delivered at once.
(In the sense of a CONTRACT  FOR LABOUR  AND  MATERIALS = German Werklieferungsvertrag).


Each of my kits will be precisely cut to fit your type of SLR camera.
A good job is guaranteed, if you follow my installation manual and tips for cleaning mirror and focusing screen
(10 pages by email).
The strips are fixed on a folded card with a sketch, that shows the right position of each strip.
One additional strip for each of the different positions
gives you nearly 2 kits in one and enables you to seal 3 cameras with only 2 kits.

To meet the requirements of their different positions and for optimal function in different types of cameras
these strips, frames and dampers are 1,0 - 1,9mm wide and 0,90 - 4,5 mm thick
and either made of different types of NEOPRENE rubber or of the very special black hitech-foam from Japan.

Pay attention to the different "qualities" of camera-foam !

Top: HighTech-Foam (in my kits), DEEP BLACK, extremely dense (>100 pores per inch), light-tight, highly elastic,
the only material used by all camera-manufacturers, production only in Japan.

Mid: Simple standard-foam, dark GREY, medium density and pore size, disproportionate elasticity
(too firm at low pressure and then suddenly "breaks down" when pressure increases),
unusable for mirror dampers, not light-tight.

Bottom: Miserable scabby material, doesn't deserve being called foam, extremely poor density,
coarse pores, many holes (due to wide or exploded pores), bad elasticity (same as simple standard-foam),
extremely translucent. Not imaginable for what to use!
Some "experts" offer plates of foam material "in bundles" for a very attractively looking price.
What do you think why they can do that?
No, not only because they offer raw material
and leave the very difficult and time wasting job (of precise cutting to measure)
to their customers.
It's also because they have got 2m² of their grey or (at the optimum) dark grey foam
for the price of one of their bundle of 4x15cm "plates".
Why that? Do they have such splendid connections to the manufacturers?
No, that's the normal price for foam of the lowest quality (nevertheless do these people claim
their material to be the japanese hitech-foam!)
But it is quite easy for everyone to make the right choice:
Only accept foam that is dense but soft and deep black !
As your camera shows, even this one and only japanese camera foam
has become greasy after 15 years.
All the low-quality grey foams will not only do a bad job (see text above) from the beginning,
but will also have a very short live of 2 or 3 years.
I have tested them all
(but of course not in the kits I sent to my customers).

Viktor Hälke, Hemich-Esch 1, 46342 Velen
Tel.: 02863 - 3812837